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Here I am stuck in the house this week, as it's my turn to carry the work pager. I can't even run out for a quart of milk - if I get paged, I have to be poised to respond within a couple of minutes.

Here I am, missing history:

I want to be with my people! Midwest women - those who didn't go to Washington - are marching at the sister protest in St. Paul.

I am with you in spirit, though.

I am stuck here, knitting a pink pussy hat...

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Dec. 31st, 2016 06:52 pm
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I had a very enjoyable time visiting [personal profile] herself_nyc. She signed her book for me! Everyone should read it.

She was the perfect person to show me around on my first visit to New York City, as she is as knowledgeable as she is enthusiastic about her city. She was able to take a pic of me where my eyes are open (it's like her superpower):

 photo NK and me 12-29 2016_zpsrp4tjzgo.jpg

The furry little fellow is her pup Chuffey, who slept with me every night. I think it was because I smelled excitingly of cat, but [personal profile] herself_nyc opined that he was Keeping An Eye On Me. This makes sense, because he barked his head off when I first walked in. He was open to bribes, though...

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As the two-year anniversary of Frank's death approaches, Abdul asked me out again - after a year and a half! Cut for boy talk, where I attempt to deconstruct what he said to me in the lunchroom... )
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Hello! Long time no post. I just realized that when I changed my name from Ezagaaikwe to Desdemonaspace, I lost any Dreamwidth friends I had, because, to save money, I didn't change the Dreamwidth account, too, I simply deleted it and imported the renamed LJ account to Dreamwidth. Thus, all my Dreamwidth friends are gone. Please refriend me, or give me reading access, or whatever it's called. I will friend you back.

What's new? I have become vegetarian, somewhat against my will. Now, I used to feel that vegetarians were somehow haloed with nobility, and if I became one, I'd be all smug and superior. Not a chance! I'm hungry all the time and feel deprived, like I'm on a diet I can't go off. It's more like coming down with a disease... call it ATMS ("Aversion To Meat Syndrome.")

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This is a Bebe weekend. More about that later - right now I have to get her up and take her back. Looong car drive today.

And my fic has been nominated for "Best Alternate Universe, Best Pairing Unconventional" at The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. Thank you, anonymous nominator, although I suspect I know who did nominate me. Thank you, thank you!

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