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Dec. 31st, 2016 06:52 pm
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I had a very enjoyable time visiting [personal profile] herself_nyc. She signed her book for me! Everyone should read it.

She was the perfect person to show me around on my first visit to New York City, as she is as knowledgeable as she is enthusiastic about her city. She was able to take a pic of me where my eyes are open (it's like her superpower):

 photo NK and me 12-29 2016_zpsrp4tjzgo.jpg

The furry little fellow is her pup Chuffey, who slept with me every night. I think it was because I smelled excitingly of cat, but [personal profile] herself_nyc opined that he was Keeping An Eye On Me. This makes sense, because he barked his head off when I first walked in. He was open to bribes, though...

The visit was technically four days, but to give less trouble, I showed up late Tuesday and left early Friday, which really only gave us two days. We packed a lot in, though. We went to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side and to the Metropolitan the next day (I'd wanted to see Sargent's Madame X for ages). Lots of delish food in between times. I fear I will never have as good a bagel again. Even the bagels at the airport are better than those in Minneapolis!

On the bus ride up 5th Avenue, I metaphorically spat as we drove past the Trump Tower. Other buildings I got to see (pics not my own) were the the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building:

empire state building photo: Empire State Building 2209055215_b9cd40193f.jpg

flat iron building in new york photo: Flat iron building. PC050069.jpg

Herself also turned me onto the actor Mads Mikkelsen, who I'd never seen. We watched the first four eps of Hannibal, and the Danish film After The Wedding.

I absolutely collapsed when I got home, but it's a good tired. My cat Max is so glad his Tunamom is back. "But what's that smell I smell?" says he. "Dog??"

I am Desdemonaspace on Dreamwidth as well, if we're all getting ready to up traps and leave LJ. I hope not, though. I was happy there. Sounds like LJ might be going away. Friend me on DW and I'll friend you back.

SO VERY GLAD this year is done, by which I mean the election gutted me, and I am filled with fear for the future. May 2017 be a better year for all of us.
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