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Hello! Long time no post. I just realized that when I changed my name from Ezagaaikwe to Desdemonaspace, I lost any Dreamwidth friends I had, because, to save money, I didn't change the Dreamwidth account, too, I simply deleted it and imported the renamed LJ account to Dreamwidth. Thus, all my Dreamwidth friends are gone. Please refriend me, or give me reading access, or whatever it's called. I will friend you back.

What's new? I have become vegetarian, somewhat against my will. Now, I used to feel that vegetarians were somehow haloed with nobility, and if I became one, I'd be all smug and superior. Not a chance! I'm hungry all the time and feel deprived, like I'm on a diet I can't go off. It's more like coming down with a disease... call it ATMS ("Aversion To Meat Syndrome.")

How it began is my best friend Bobbie's brother moved into my building. He was in the neighborhood and I'd see him around, and since he hunts, he promised me a duck. When he moved in, Bobbie came to visit me and went up to say "Hi" to him. (I don't see much of him; I dated his brother for about 15 minutes in the 70s, and therefore I'm sloppy seconds, or something. He will not voluntarily visit me.)

She came back about 20 minutes later with a softball--sized plastic bag containing a frozen wood duck, which I put in my freezer to thaw and eat later. It felt too small to make a meal for two people.

So, later, I thawed it and prepared to make cassoulet. As I unwrapped the duck, I muttered to myself, "Please don't have a head, please don't have a head." Which it did not, also no skin or feathers, and it was so small! Also, no bird shot in the meat. How did he kill it?--harsh language? Not that there was much meat--it was like trying to cook a parakeet. Have you seen wood ducks?--they're lovely.

Anyway, I made my cassoulet - a huge batch, and froze 9/10 of it. But I couldn't eat it. I kept picking duck meat out of it and giving it to the cats. They LOVED it, and channelled their bad wild carnivorous selves all the while. It was almost worth it, how perky it made them; they loved it so.

I ended up throwing it all out. Every time I attempted to eat meat, I spit it out, and finally stopped altogether. It's easier to make great vegetarian meals. I'm starving all the time, and like they say about Chinese food, I'm hungry an hour later.

I have several go-to meals that hit the spot: a potato-leek soup (vichysoisse or potage parmentier), and a pretty good General Tso's tofu. I have a Thai red curry & fish recipe I adapted to use silken tofu, and a chickpea cutlet recipe [personal profile] claudia_yvr gave me, that looks and tastes like weiner schnitzel, and this, which I'm having tonight, and and this, about which I want to say, double the spices, skip the water, and DO NOT put in a crockpot--it cooks on top of the stove in half an hour, tops. It's delicious.

Need more! I welcome comments, links, your fave vegetarian recipes. I'm lacto-ovo- for now, but that could change. Like Buffy, I love cheese.

In other news (and this is a heavily-screened post) Patricia is or was pregnant. If you knew her - how fragile her health is, you'd understand my dismay. She may not drink but she's definitely okay with drugs, and I overheard her tell the Micky D's counter person she wanted ten sugars for her coffee. She is diabetic!

I immediately thought she could not carry a pregnancy to term. She has three shunts in her liver and no prospect of a new one, and is nearly homeless.

I told her, "This isn't South Dakota; if you don't want to go through this, you don't have to, and you don't have to do this alone."

She said she'd think about it.

Before you start defriending me, please know I got a second phone call from her that evening. She was in the hospital and had just received an injection. The pregnancy was tubal, and the injection is to terminate her over the course of the next five days.

I asked Frank to keep an eye out for the grandbaby heading his way.
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